A Modern Development Environment for Haskell

Functional Programming Without the Hassle

Haskell for Mac is easy to install and use. It includes all the tools you need to get started, including many popular Haskell library packages, ranging from text processing, over math support and testing frameworks, to graphics, games, diagrams, and charts. Even better, the builtin package manager makes it easy to install more.

Package Management window

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Context sensitive identifier completion with support for qualified names.

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Identifier Auto-Completion

Context sensitive identifier completion suggests in-scope variable, function, and type names and properly supports qualified names. Suggestions update as you type.

Let the Type System Help You

Type systems help developing good code, and Haskell arguably incorporates the most advanced type system on the planet. It automatically infers types and also supports computations on types. It even lets you run and test your code, while there are type errors remaining to be fixed.

Popovers providing information of imported definitions and inferred type information

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Project navigator and metadata editor

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Drag Haskell and support files in and out of the project. Organise Haskell modules in a hierarchy. Easily edit package metadata.

Haskell for Mac internally uses the Cabal package format and also supports Stack builds, the de facto standards for Haskell packages. (Not all Cabal features are supported in the current version.)

Drag’n’drop Project Management

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Join our mailing list to get notified of releases. (No spam. Promised!)

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