Technical Specification

Embedded components

Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) 8.6.4

Over 200 packages of LTS Haskell 13.14, for details see the Library Interface Documentation. For acknowledgments of the copyright holders, see the detailed 3rd party software component acknowledgments in the app.

The optional HaskellCLI component adds the command line tools to use the compiler and package manager directly. This also includes the ability to install additional packages from LTS Haskell 13.14 as well as local packages.

Haskell projects

Haskell for Mac project document bundles are identified by the suffix hsproj. These project bundles include meta data using the standard Cabal package format and can be used with the cabal and stack tools as usual.

Haskell for Mac currently only supports a subset of all Cabal package features. Existing packages can be imported and wrapped into Haskell for Mac projects, but only the Haskell for Mac feature set will be available in-app.


As required by the Mac App Store, Haskell for Mac is sandboxed. Consequently, Haskell code executed in a Haskell for Mac playground cannot access any data except for Haskell for Mac documents, the data bucket, the app container, and those system files white-listed by the operating system.  Any attempt to access other files will be rejected by the operating system. Outbound, but not inbound network connections are supported within the sandbox.

SpriteKit binding

Haskell for Mac includes a Haskell binding to the SpriteKit 2D animation and games framework included in macOS. It provides a purely functional interface to a subset of SpriteKit’s functionality. The main limitations of the Haskell binding are a lack of support for fields, joints, constraints, and particle effects. For further details, see the SpriteKit binding API.


Haskell for Mac is designed for macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

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Join our mailing list to get notified of releases. (No spam. Promised!)

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