Learn Functional Programming with Haskell

Live Programming

Haskell playgrounds provide instant feedback and replace the cumbersome command line interface of traditional Haskell systems by a convenient graphical interface, displaying types and results of computations, both textual and graphical.

Animation demonstrating the use of a playground

Learning Haskell

Download Haskell for Mac and get started with our tutorial Learning Haskell right away. Learning Haskell teaches functional programming in Haskell from scratch. It has lots of examples and includes screencasts going through the key points step by step. Here is our introductory screencast explaining the basic use of Haskell for Mac.

Learning Haskell is Fun

Did you know that the recursive structure of functional programs can be visualised using fractal trees? In Haskell for Mac, we use visualisation as a powerful learning tool. It is also more fun than only dealing with text.

The Power of SpriteKit

Haskell for Mac integrates support for

  Apple’s SpriteKit animation framework and physics engine. As a consequence, it is a fabulous tool for developing animations and games in Haskell.

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Join our mailing list to get notified of releases. (No spam. Promised!)

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