Write Games in Haskell

Haskell for Mac integrates a purely functional interface to the SpriteKit framework, including its sophisticated animation system and physics engine. Discover how to write games in a functional style. It only requires basic Haskell knowledge and is a great way to learn Haskell!

Powered by Apple’s SpriteKit Framework

Lazy Lambda — a Flappy Bird clone in Haskell

Lazy Lambda: Live Coding a Game in Haskell

Watch the Compose :: Melbourne conference keynote Playing with Graphics and Animations in Haskell (slides), which explains the Haskell SpriteKit architecture and includes live coding a Flappy Bird clone in Haskell for Mac. The game source code is freely available on GitHub.

Lazy Lambda (Flappy Bird clone) in Haskell for Mac

Inside Haskell SpriteKit

Haskell SpriteKit provides a functional interface without side effects to the object graph used to represent games scenes in SpriteKit. The animation on the right illustrates how Haskell transformation functions (such as SceneUpdate) translate into edits of that object graph. (More information on this library is available in the Haskell SpriteKit repository.)

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